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I’ve always admired Stephen for his tenacity for business and the positive energy he brings to all his relationships. This year marked a significant restructure, which led us to partnering with Rickshaw to ensure we had the strategic and practical approach to achieve the opportunities that lay before us. This has been one of, if not the most, pivotal decisions I’ve made during the decade I’ve been in business.

The results speak for themselves!

Marlowe Bennett


Stephen is a first class business man, leader and great guy. And the organisations within Rickshaw Enterprises are adding massive value to clients and growing rapidly because of it.

Kevin Bees

Master Coach

Since working with Rickshaw over the past few months I have been very pleasantly surprised by their functional approach that is already getting me results. Previous experiences with business consultants have left me underwhelmed but not these guys. Business security was another big area we worked on and I’m sleeping better at night because of it so highly recommend them.

Ben Cawood

CEO, Caden Carbon Bike Wheels

As a global business coach with clients in over 65 major cities, I cannot underscore enough how impressed I am by Stephen and Chrissy of Rickshaw Enterprises. The toughest job as a coach is telling people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. In this case I was absolutely delighted to spend 3 days listening to well thought out business concepts and ideas that were not only intelligent, they were inventive and innovative. I have no doubt that this extremely strong, values-driven team will achieve staggering success in the years to come. I for one am proud to be part of it.

Les Evans

Coach, Top 1 Coach JT FOXX Org. – Coach To Top Shelf Entrepreneurs & Celebrities – World Speaker In 65 Major Cities

Stephen has been working within my business for over a year now and I have found his professionalism, work ethic and business acumen to be of the highest calibre. He has brought a both a practical and creative mindset to the business, which have improved and profited the business. There is no question in my mind that the business is better for having Stephen’s involvement.

Ryan Rogan

Director, Southern Cross Hospitality Essentials

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